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We worship with reverence, singing praises to God for what He does for us, not what we do for Him
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Guest Speaker This Sunday – Dr. Arthur Just

Guest Speaker, Dr. Arthur Just

This Sunday we will welcome Dr. Arthur Just to be our guest during the Adult Bible Study and Fellowship Hour (9:30 am – 10:30 am).  Dr. Just has been of great support to Advent Lutheran Church in a number endeavors, helping us to get involved in the development of Lutheran Church and Lutheran eduction in Siberia; he has traveled with our mission teams to Kenya, Africa as we worked with training of deaconesses and provide medical help to local residents through the efforts of Rev. David Chu-Chu and Diaconia Compassionate Ministries.  Most recently, Dr. Just has been engaged by the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and by Concordia Theological Seminary, Ft. Wayne to help identify and help in the development of mission churches in Spain. Having lived both in Mexico and in Spain in his school years, he has a full command of Spanish is able to preach and teach in the native language of Spain wherever he travels.  Most recently, in the fall of 2015, and with Advent’s support, Dr. Just and his wife Linda have traveled throughout Spain as they seek to fulfill the goals set out before them.
Goals and Objectives
  • To complete the second year of the four year curriculum for the Formación Pastoral de Hispanoamérica (FPH)
  • To establish a center for IELE in Madrid for worship services, meetings, and ESL training
  • To provide pastoral care in Spain outside of Sevilla
  • To complete the training of José Luis in Valencia towards ordination in October

Work to be performed

  • To provide leadership in the development of curriculum for the Formación Pastoral de Hispanoamérica (FPH)
  • To work with the laity of the congregation in Madrid in finding, renting, and equipping a home as a center for Lutheran activity in Madrid.
  • To visit Lutherans throughout Spain, providing pastoral care, Word and Sacraments, especially in Madrid, Valencia, and Cartagena, but also in other places like Logroño, Barcelona, and Asturias.
  • To provide counsel to the leadership of IELE in celebrating the 15th anniversary of IELE in October
  • To establish a working relationship with the new missionary in theological education for Spain
We welcome Dr. Just and invite all our members to come and see how God has richly blest Dr. Just’s work in Spain.

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