The mission of Advent Lutheran Classical School is to train the heart, mind and habits of a child for undivided loyalty to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is achieved through exceptional education in the liberal arts tradition and Lutheran catechesis. 

Golf Outing

The 2nd Annual Golf Outing to benefit the Advent Lutheran School Scholarship Fund will take place July 31 at 11am. We are hoping to exceed last year’s participation of 42 golfers and raise more than last year’s amount of $11,000. This event allows us to make classical Lutheran education accessible to all who desire it! Thank you so much for your participation! Sign up HERE

Why Classical Education?


Wisdom, eloquence, and virtue – these are the goals, that is to say, the fruit that a classical education cultivates within its students.  A good education transforms, elevates, and refines the mind, body and soul – and this is exactly what a Christian, classical education does.  The Good, the True, and the Beautiful are the objects of Christian, classical education; eloquent confessors and wise leaders are its result.   

Our school standards of Faith, Love, Excellence, Truth, and Honor are always upheld.  Academic standards at Advent Lutheran Classical School are high, decorum is expected, and memorization is vital.  The classical curriculum cultivates in the students the ability to think broadly, deeply, and creatively.  It also concentrates on the liberal arts, is teacher-directed, integrated, and rich in content.  We believe this curriculum will provide students with the tools and enthusiasm for learning.   

By careful attention to our students’ spiritual, mental, and physical habits, Advent Lutheran Classical School will join parents and the church in teaching students to imitate Christ and lead them to grow in wisdom, knowledge, and the fear of the Lord.   

Why Lutheran?



The Christian liberal arts presuppose that true knowledge is united with God at its center.  Our teaching will reflect this tradition, with the truth of God’s Word suffusing every subject. Just as we resist the subjectivity and triviality of modern, progressive education, we reject the same in our understanding of God and His Word.

Our Lutheran Christian faith is central to Advent Lutheran School. The students will regularly participate in daily prayer, sing hymns, recite the Creed and the Lord’s Prayer and learn many scripture verses by heart. Students at Advent Lutheran will be instructed from a biblical worldview and will receive religious instruction in accord with the Bible and our Lutheran Confessions.