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Pastor Marcus Mackay

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The Reformation, 25 Years & Looking Forward

Pastor James GradyIt was a blessed Reformation Sunday at Advent! Two little ones were baptized into Christ and made heirs of His kingdom–a fitting example of the salvation by grace through faith we receive freely from our Lord. There was also the announcement of Pastor Marcus Mackay’s decision to accept the call to be our Senior Pastor. His letter to the congregation was read before each service by Monte Weimer and the news was met with cheerful gasps and applause before each service (in good Lutheran form).

The next two months will be quite pivotal in the history of Advent Evangelical Lutheran Church. We will install a new pastor to be our shepherd and get to know and love his family as our own. It is fortunate that the season of Advent will offer many opportunities to get to know them through both worship and fellowship. December 16th is an important day as well. On this Sunday we will have our Sunday school Christmas program. It was also on that day in 1993 that the articles of incorporation were signed for Zionsville Lutheran Church… the name of which was changed to Advent Evangelical Lutheran Church in May of 1995. For 25 years, Advent has been faithfully proclaiming God’s Word of mercy and grace to the people of not only Zionsville, but quite literally to the world.

This would be good time to consider:
Updating our church photo directory, getting as great of participation as possible. Historically we average somewhere around 55% participation. Wouldn’t it be great to approach somewhere near 80% participation? A high level of participation would be a blessing to Pastor Mackay and his family. They will have much to do as they settle into a house, schools and become familiar with their surroundings. An up to date pictorial directory would be a great help to them as they begin to put faces and names together. As members, it will be good for us too. Chris Colson has, once again, agreed to take the photos. The photo sessions will take place on Sundays beginning Nov. 25 through Dec. 16th. 

The story of Advent is the story of God entering the lives of His people through Word and Sacrament, teaching them to trust Him for their salvation, and nothing else. It is the story of God with us! What is your story as you have experienced God’s peace and been a part of Advent Evangelical Lutheran Church over the past 25 years?

As we look forward to December 16th, it would be fun to hear some of your memories (be they a year or twenty-five years old) by gathering together some photos and stories about the many joyous events that have taken place.

Perhaps you were married here during that time or your children were baptized. Did you come before God to be baptized, confirmed and married here at Advent during the past 25 years? Do you have a memory from VBS, a Christmas program,
Heritage Tour, or other event to share?

Depending on the number of stories and photos submitted, it would be nice to bind some of them in booklet form, like our pictorial directory. All will be archived into a physical scrapbook as well as an electronic file.

Hand written or done electronically, it will be good to archive your memories of the “early years” of God’s work as seen through the eyes of you, the saints of Advent Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Pastor Grady

P.S. Watch Advent Announcements for more details about how to submit your photos and stories for Advent’s 25th anniversary year.