-Founded over 150 years ago-
Offering lots ranging from $740 to $1000
Located on County Road 900 E. and 250 S. in Zionsville, Indiana. 
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Over 790 burials at Union Lutheran Cemetery to date with over 450 available plots. Future plans include expansion and continued preservation of this historic and lovely country cemetery.

UNION LUTHERAN CEMETERY ASSOCIATION was founded and incorporated on December 6th, 1921 in Boone County, Indiana.  It continues to be managed by a Board of Directors as a 501(c)3.  The current President is local resident Mr. David Milender whose leadership ensures continuing maintenance, all records and coordination of all burials.  The Directors are responsible for improving, maintaining, protecting and enlarging its boundaries, beautifying its grounds, and enhancing its convenience.  The Association welcomes and encourages involvement by all plot owners, whether serving as a Board member or volunteer.  The Board currently has five active Directors, all residing in Boone County and the greater Zionsville area.  

Where the cemetery has origins and naming in the Christian traditions of Unionism and Lutheranism, burials from all faiths are accepted. 

Our “Little Lutheran Cemetery” was opened in 1835 with the burial of Mr. Daniel Buck. A log cabin had been built on site in 1834 to serve a new Lutheran congregation established by Rev. Eusebius S. Henkel, who was the grandson of Rev. Paul Henkel, one of the founders of the confessionally conservative North Carolina, Tennessee and Ohio Synods. These Synods later joined the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. In 1842, a church was built in Whitestown, the Lutherans sharing space with local Campbellites. In 1869, a new church replaced the one in Whitestown and St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran Church was formed and incorporated. A new church was then constructed in 1904 and St. Mark’s continues to this day.
During these times, the “Little Lutheran Cemetery” was also known as the “Whitestown Lutheran Cemetery”, serving not only the Lutherans, but also the Campbellites and other Christians from the Union tradition. A new church structure was built on site at the cemetery in 1894, providing worship space for not just Lutherans, but also various Christian groups (thus the name “Union”) until burning to the ground in 1956. In 1921, an Association was formed for the care and preservation of the cemetery. In 2022, local residents and members of Advent Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zionsville began a concerted effort to assist and care for this beautiful and historic cemetery.
For more information please contact Dave Milender.
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