Advent Lutheran School

Classical Christian Education

The mission of Advent Lutheran School is to assist parents by providing a Christ-centered, classical, and Lutheran education that nourishes the minds, bodies, and souls of our students. This is done so that Advent’s students are prepared for life in their church, life in their home and community, and life everlasting.
We are excited to expand our excellent Preschool and Kindergarten programs and are NOW ENROLLING 1st thru 6th Grades for the 2023-2024 school year. Find more information on our Admissions Page

What is Classical Education?

There are many hallmarks of Classical Education. There’s the study of Latin, an emphasis on strong critical thinking, the Trivium and Quadrivium, great literature, and so on. All worthy things and each play a significant role in Classical Education. But perhaps the most appropriate description is that Classical Education is about being trained to intuitively perceive the Good, the True, and the Beautiful.

We find these in nature, in art, and in the Great Books of our Western Heritage. In a world today where there seems to be so much bad, falsehoods, and pure ugliness, we need people who can not only perceive the Good, the True, and the Beautiful but embody it. So, we examine, admire, and imitate the very best of what our heritage has to offer. From beautiful poetry to epic writings, to rich history and exquisite art, let us embark on a journey to know our Lord, who is the Source of all that which is Good, True, and Beautiful.

Why Classical Education?

We embrace Classical Education because it provides a truly exceptional education. Imagine an 8-year-old student who can recite the Gettysburg Address, several Psalms, and a plethora of Bible verses; a strong reader who grasps Aesop’s Fables, Shakespeare, and dozens of poems; who can decline Latin nouns and conjugate Latin verbs, and who is being imbedded with mathematical truths and rich history.

Now imagine a Lutheran school where this 8-year-old student is attending worship regularly, learning the Apostles’ Creed and the Lord’s Prayer. Imagine not just the knowledge at the disposal of this 8-year-old student, but his intuition and imagination. This is type of molding that will take place at Advent Lutheran School. This 8-year-old student is not the exception but the standard. Advent Lutheran is a school where students like this 8-year-old will be trained well and loved dearly.

Why Lutheran?

Our Lutheran Christian faith is central to Advent Lutheran School. The students will regularly attend morning worship (Matins). This is the perfect way to start the school day. At Matins, students will hear the Psalms and Bible reading for the day, they will sing Lutheran hymns, say the Creed, and pray the Lord’s Prayer. At Advent Lutheran School, our intention is to instill rhythms of beauty and cadences of truth in your child. What better way to start the day than by imbedding the wonderful parts of our Lutheran liturgy!