COVID-Response Plan Update

Advent to Return to Normal Worship Protocols

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the Elders at Advent, in consultation with members of our Church Council, have worked diligently to provide a safe worship space so that our members and guests have the opportunity to hear God’s Word and receive the Sacraments.   Included in that diligence has been our reliance on federal, state and county health agencies to guide, or when needed, modify our worship practices.  Recently the Centers for Disease Control released updated guidance on Covid-19 for those that are fully vaccinated ( 

In response to this new CDC guidance, we would like to take this opportunity to inform the congregation of our future plans for all worship services and Bible studies.   Beginning Sunday, June 6, mask wearing will become optional at all worship services and during the Bible study hour.  It is our intent to return our worship services back to ‘normal’ – defined as pre-pandemic practices.  Specifically, beginning June 6, the following changes will be implemented:

  • Bulletins will return to normal – no longer printing the complete service as current practice
  • Hymnals will be used to follow the Divine Service liturgy and hymns
  • Usher Teams will be invited back to serve
  • Offering plates will return to the sanctuary and will be passed and collected during the Offertory
  • Blue seating tape will be removed from the pews
  • Wiping the communion rail between tables will no longer be implemented
  • Tables will be removed from the Narthex.  Pandemic related supplies that were on those tables will be available upon request.
  • Note:  Our services will still be live streamed on the Advent YouTube Channel
Our rationale to select June 6 is based upon knowledge that our local school systems where masks are still required to be worn are still in session either up to or just after Memorial Day.  Additionally, there are those still in our congregation that are not quite fully vaccinated that desire to be vaccinated.  Therefore targeting June 6 will provide some additional time to allow these members to become fully vaccinated. 
As an Elder team, we recognize that many of you want to return to normal as soon as possible.  If you are fully vaccinated and wish to not wear a mask per the new CDC guidelines, you are welcomed and encouraged to attend the 10:45 worship service May 23 and 30.   If you would like to attend the 8:15 service, please wear a mask to respect those members around you that are still waiting to be fully vaccinated and/or have children in school that still must wear a mask through the end of their academic year.   


The Board of Elders

Mr. Chuck Long (Chairman)

Pastor Mackay

Pastor Grady

Updated: on Sunday June 6