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Year of the Bible – Genesis 15:1-16:35

Epiphany - Week One - Genesis 15



“. . . but a son coming from your own body will be your heir.”

                        Genesis 15:4

Genesis 15:1-16:35 (15:1-6)

Abram and Sarai – (Trust/Justification)

Abram was afraid that he would not become a father. His fear was based upon two things. He wanted an heir from his own household. He also wanted to be the father (progenitor) of the Messiah. He had gotten very old. He seemed to have been filled with doubts. But God gave Him a promise. Abram would have descendants as numerous as the stars. Abram believed God and it was “reckoned to him” for righteousness. God “imputes” – declaring something to be what it is, so that through the power of His Word it becomes what God says it will be. That is how we become righteous before God. To help us understand imputation, God connects Abram’s righteousness to the ownership of Israel, the promised land. He “gave” the land to Abram. Notice how it became Abram’s land – even though he did not take it, even though no one else thought it was Abram’s, even though he would never fully experience it as his land. But it was his because God said it – His Word made it so!

Hagar and Ishmael: One wonders why Abram, at first very certain of God’s promise, started to “backslide”. He and Sarai became impatient and took matters into their own hands. Sarai’s Egyptian maid, Hagar, tried to have a “surrogate” child for Sarai, but she soon began to despise her mistress. Problems, huge and very long lasting problems (multi-generational – now reflected in Islam vs. Christianity, and between the Arab worlds and the west), came about because Abram and Sarai refused to rely on and trust in God’s Word. Today we are so often afraid to rely upon God’s promises because our reason and common sense get in the way. We need to remind ourselves daily that God’s Word and promise will never be taken from us, that as we walk in His paths, He will always shield and defend us.

Year of the Bible – Epiphany Week One | Tuesday | Genesis 15 – © John W. Fiene

Year of the Bible – Psalm 34

Epiphany - Week One - Psalm 34
The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles. Psalm 34:17

Psalm 34 (34:11-22)

As Epiphany comes near and we now turn our thoughts away from that sweet and glorious birth of Christ to the Lord’s first appearance at the River Jordan, the beginning of His ministry, we begin by meditating upon a series of comforting Psalms (34-41). Psalm 34 was written by David during the time that he was being pursued by King Saul. He fled to the city of the Philistines, but when his reputation as a great warrior became known, his life was in danger. In order to make himself seem harmless to the Philistines, David pretended to be insane. He drooled down his beard and made marks on the door whenever he was in their presence, so they let him go. After God delivered him from this danger, David wrote this psalm. It contains praise to God (Glorify the Lord with me v. 3) and his angel (v. 7); exhortations to Christian action based upon a trust in God (taste, see, fear, come). He calls the reader to turn away from a sinful life and to change (to repent). No matter how difficult life might be, David shows us, the Lord is always close and near to His beloved children and He hears their prayers. Just because a person is a child of God does not mean that he or she will not have trouble. Trouble comes even to the righteous. But God always hears, delivers, protects and redeems the “righteous” (v.17). 


Psalm Questions:

  1. In what way does the focus of Christmas change at Epiphany?
  2. What action was the beginning of the ministry of Jesus?
  3. Where had David been before he wrote this psalm?
  4. What got David out of trouble?
  5. Who got David out of trouble?
  6. What do you find most comforting about David’s psalm?
Year of the Bible – Epiphany Week One | Monday | Psalm 34 – © John W. Fiene

Now Available – Year of the Bible

Year of the Bible

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Study materials have been developed in conjunction with Confirmation classes. As such, some weeks will only have selected readings and not full study materials.
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Year of the Bible – Christmas – Week 2


Year of the Bible – Christmas 2

Since the full Year-of-the-Bible handouts conform with general confirmation instruction, daily devotionals are not available over Christmas. We encourage you to read the following passages in your daily studies.
Monday | Psalm 33
Tuesday | Genesis 8:13-14:24 (5:32-6:8)
Wednesday | Isaiah 13:6-22 (13:9-13)
Thursday | Mark 10:46-12:44 (12:35-44)
Friday | Luke 3:1-38 (3:1-18)
Saturday | Romans 3:1-4:25 (4:16-25)

Year of the Bible – Christmas – Week 1


Year of the Bible – Christmas 1

Since the full Year-of-the-Bible handouts conform with general confirmation instruction, daily devotionals are not available over Christmas. We encourage you to read the following passages in your daily studies.
Monday | Psalm 26-32 (23)
Tuesday | Genesis 4:1-8:12 (4:1-16)
Wednesday | Isaiah 9;1-13-5 (12:1-6)
Thursday | Mark 8:27-10:45 (10:13-27)
Friday | Luke 2:1-52 (2:21-35)
Saturday | Romans 1:1-2:29 (2:17-29)

Christmas Service Schedule

Christmas Service Schedule

Christmas Service Schedule 

Join us on Christmas Eve and Christmas day! Bring your family and invite a neighbor to these celebrations.
Christmas Eve Services start at 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm.
Christmas Day Service starts at 10:00 am.

Midweek Services


Advent Services

Midweek Services

Join us in celebrating the Season of Advent during our midweek services.  Our midweek services feature supper at 5:30 pm with service following at 7:00 pm.  Join us Wednesdays in fellowship and worship for these midweek services.
December 2 – Soup – hosted by Board of Missions
December 9 – Chili – hosted by Board of Education
December 16 – Pasta – hosted by Board of Trustees