Year of the Bible – Psalm 36

Epiphany - Psalm 36
There is no fear of God before his eyes. – Psalm 36:1b
Psalm 36
David observes that the unrighteous do not do the will of God because they do not fear God – that is, they do not reverence Him and His Word. Their disobedience is sinful and serious, but they deceive THEMSELVES with boasting and personal flattery. But look closer, even on their deathbed, they are plotting rebellion against God. Then David turns to the wondrous character of God. He is the opposite of sinful men. God’s love has no limits. He remains the same, so whatever He promises He will do, He does. He gives the same promises to all men. He gives and gives without ceasing. By knowing Him, we are able to know truth. David ends his psalm with a request of God. He asks for preservation from these self-deceived disobedient men, preservation from a God who is faithful, always true to His Word and Promise.
Questions – Psalm 36
  1. What do sinful men do to help fool themselves, to blind themselves to their own weaknesses and failings?
  2. In what way is God’s character the exact opposite of self-blind, self-deceived men?
  3. What request should we make of God in the light of the sinful world around us?
Year of the Bible – Epiphany Week Three | Monday | Psalm 36 – © John W. Fiene