Year of the Bible – Mark 13:1-14:26

Epiphany - Mark 13
She broke the jar and poured
the perfume on his head.
Mark 14:3b
Mark 13:1-14:26 (14:1-9)

Mark sets before our eyes the marks, signs and promises of the New Covenant. As ancient Israel had been set apart by circumcision and gathered around the meal, the Passover feast, so now the New Israel, the Israel of faith, the true sons of Abraham throughout the Gentile world, are marked and sealed by the Holy Spirit in the waters of baptism and gathered together into a perfect communion with God in the sacramental meal of the Lord’s Supper. The disciples followed the directives of Christ and made preparations for the meal. Jesus gathered His twelve disciples (twelve tribes of Israel in contrast to the twelve disciples) and prepared them for His betrayal. Judas would betray his Lord. Always, always, within the church there are hypocrites and unbelievers, but these can only take the supper of Christ to their own judgment, for God brings into judgment all who would bring harm to His Son and the Gospel of His Grace. Marking Judas, therefore, Jesus consecrates the bread and wine and gives to His disciples the real body and blood of the Savior of the world. To those who come to Him and covenant in faith, God protects, defends and saves them from sin, death and the devil—thankfully and often in spite of their own human failings and weaknesses.


Questions – Mark 13

  1. What were the symbols of the old covenant and what are the sacraments of the New Covenant?
  2. Who are the true sons of Abraham?
  3. What are we to expect as an unwanted but necessary fact within the Christian Church, as evidenced by Judas?
  4. Why is the covenant/sacrament so comforting to us as Christians?
  5. In what way is the Lord’s Supper an “epiphany” of Christ?
Year of the Bible – Epiphany Week One | Friday | Mark 13 – © John W. Fiene