Year of the Bible – Luke 4:1-13

“. . . If you are the Son of God,
tell this stone to become
Luke 4:3

Luke 4:1-13

Trust in the Word

Epiphany starts with the baptism of Jesus. Jesus was baptized that he might take upon Himself our sins, and so that, through our baptism into Christ, we might receive from Him His perfect righteousness. God, therefore, is at peace with those who have been baptized into Christ. The righteousness of Christ has become our righteousness. We are holy because we have the holiness of Christ, not because we live sinless lives. We do not see our righteousness because it is RECKONED TO US. Therefore, we can only see and receive it by faith. When we have trials and tribulations in life, we always question if God has forgotten us, or has failed to protect us, or is punishing us. Only those who are perfectly righteous and know it can resist such temptation, for God cannot forget the righteous, God will not punish the righteous, God will always protect the righteous. To show us the power of faith and righteousness over Satan and temptation, the Holy Spirit took Jesus into the wilderness. Tempted for forty days, Jesus showed His perfect faith in operation. He trusted in God’s Word to sustain Him, even when God gave Him no bread to eat. Thus, He resisted the power of Satan and remained free from Satan’s destructive powers (in contrast to Adam – cf. Romans 6). He was very much LIKE Abraham, but He was far MORE than Abraham. Jesus never doubted, thus He was freed from the power of evil. This is the power and blessing given to the righteous by God. In baptism, God gives and seals to us all the same rights Christ had throughout His wilderness temptation. Christians are permitted to use their baptism and faith in God’s Word in the same way.


Luke Questions:

  1. What is the great exchange in baptism? We get Jesus’ ____________ and He gets our ___________.
  2. Is the baptized Christian holy?
  3. Explain the word “reckoned.”
  4. Where did Jesus go after He was baptized?
  5. What do we mean when we say that Jesus’ faith overcame Satan’s temptation?
Year of the Bible – Epiphany Week One | Thursday | Luke 4 – © John W. Fiene