Year of the Bible – Isaiah 14:1-17-14

Epiphany - Isaiah 14



How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn!

Isaiah 14:12

Isaiah 14:1-17:14 (14:1-2)

The Fallen Morning Star

God’s people were often taken into captivity because of their unbelief. They were dispossessed of the same land that God gave them through Abram. Why God got angry was not often clear to the Israelites. Israel often turned away from God. They did not know Him or His Word and promise. They had refused to listen to His Word. When He spoke to them through the prophets, they simply denied His commands and promises and mistreated the prophets. This does not mean that they were not religious. They prayed and worshipped someone called “God.” But they did not study His Word, they did not care about His Word and covenants. So, to wake them up, God sent them into captivity. God used their neighboring enemies to teach them a lesson, and though it was severe, it was also a lesson of love. Isaiah spoke God’s Word to the Israelites – a word of warning AND peace. Israel would be destroyed because she had broken faith and covenant with God. The destroyers of the Israelites, however, would themselves, in time, be destroyed and the people of God set free. The King of Babylon (the morning star) would be destroyed and forgotten. The Philistines and Moabites and Arabs would also get their day of judgment. In the future, Israel would be restored. God would turn away His anger, be reconciled to Israel and have compassion on His children. An unbelievable miracle, the miracles of all miracles, Isaiah predicted. But it could hardly be grasped because their hearts were not turned in faith to the Word. The day was coming when even the enemies of God’s people would join Israel in the worship and praise of the true and living God. Even the Gentiles would become righteous through faith. That is one of the great joys of the Epiphany season. The Gentiles will see and believe!



Questions – Isaiah 14

  1. What was the main reason for God sending His people into captivity?
  2. What commandment do we violate when we refuse to hear God’s Word?
  3. Explain how a person can be religious without really being a Christian.
  4. Describe Isaiah’s message of warning and peace?
  5. What happened to Israel’s enemies?
  6. What great event did Isaiah predict?
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