Year of the Bible – Psalms 7-13

Year of the Bible - Season of Advent - Psalms 7-13




For the Lord is righteous, he loves justice; upright men will see his face. – Psalm 11:7

Psalms 7-13 (8)  

Psalm 8, a Messianic Psalm, marvels at the mysterious way that God goes about asserting His rule and power. In light of the wonders of what He made and rules, the psalmist ponders over the Messiah humbling Himself and entering our world with the lowly vesture of a man.

In Psalm 9 we are struck by the contrasting image (in comparison to Psalm 8) of the Lord as the ruler of nations who judges the world in righteousness, who powerfully delivers all who are persecuted for righteousness.

Psalm 10 The secret to prosperity, if we look at it from the perspective of the world, is to do evil. Goodness does not seem to pay. The wicked, who so often scorn God and His Word, seem to just get richer as they become more brutal. Oppressors seem to go unpunished. But not for long. God hears the cries of the oppressed and the meek and in time, He acts to defend the helpless who cry to Him. That is why this psalm praises Him while crying out for justice.

Psalm 11 Once again David cries out to God for protection and defense from his enemies. The wicked are like secret assassins, waiting in the shadows for a chance to kill, but God sees them because He rules the world from heaven. God knows the hearts of men and will treat them as they deserve.

Psalm 12 Desperation seems to overwhelm David. He looks for godly men around him and finds none. Flattery and deceit are in abundance, pride and arrogance abound. The only thing that is pure is the Word of God. David seems to make things seem very, very bad when he cries to God.

Psalm 13 David did the unthinkable. When things were so bad and nothing was going right for the king, David begins to praise God for His unfailing love. While in the throes of death, when his enemies seem to have completely won over him, David begins to praise God for His unfailing love.

Questions – Psalms 7-13 

  1. What is the mystery of the Messiah, according to Psalm 8?
  2. Does crime pay? Why or why not?
  3. Does God know everything?
  4. Is it OK for David to “push” God to act, knowing that God promises to act when truth and justice are taken from His people?
  5. Why should we praise God when things are bad?
Year of the Bible – Advent Week Three | Monday | Psalms 7-13  – © John W. Fiene