Year of the Bible – Psalm 150 – Psalm 6

Year of the Bible - Advent Week Two - Psalm 150



When I consider your heavens. . .what is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him? – Psalm 8:1

Psalms 150 – Psalm 6 (Ps. 2:1-12)

The psalm readings for this week end the Psalter and then take us back to the beginning of the Psalter once again (Psalm 1). As we conclude with Psalm 150, and then turn back to the beginning with Psalm 1, the Holy Spirit takes us in search of the ideal righteous man, in search of the Messiah on earth. The Messiah is described in Psalm 2, which we call a “Messianic Psalm.” The Messiah is “the Anointed One” against whom the kings of the earth conspire. He is the Son of God who will rule the nations with an iron scepter. His rule is not just to be in a future rule. It is a rule that has and takes place in time and history, even in the present moment, to save those who cry to Him in faith. In the next few psalms we can see the theme of Advent beginning to emerge: Let the light of His face shine upon us. O Lord. (4:6) How wonderful it would be to see God, face to face! In a manger He is about to grant our request. Are we ready to meet Him?

“God blesses the righteous!” Psalm 5, says, reminding us to lay our requests before God every morning. We live in a deceitful world, an evil world with many dangers. We must contend with deceit, arrogance, lies and bloodthirstiness. The Christian’s defense can only come from God. He defends by declaring the deceitful to be guilty. God’s divine imputation of guilt always results in poetic justice. His punishment of the unrighteous, however, usually results in the righteous also experiencing suffering. We must live among the unrighteous (Psalm 6) and will suffer for it. Like innocent civilians who must live under an evil government but pray for deliverance, we pray for God’s justice while we pray for His protection and defense.

Questions – Psalm 150 – Psalm 6

  1. Where is Christ to be found and where is He worshipped in the world today?
  2. Why do the psalms include the rest of creation in their command to praise God?
  3. What makes a psalm a “Messianic” psalm?
  4. For what reasons, when we look at the world, must Christians be watchful and prayerful?
  5. What takes place when God “declares” evil men to be guilty?
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