Year of the Bible – Luke 1:26-38

Year of the Bible - Season of Advent - Luke 1




I am the Lord’s servant…May it be to me as you have said. – Luke 1:38

Luke 1:26-38
Paralleling the great story of the conception of John the Baptist, Luke takes us to Nazareth for even greater news. Gabriel appears a second time to a woman pledged in marriage, a woman pledged to a man of the house of David. At the words of the angel: The Lord is with you, Mary heard the unbelievable news that the Messiah was to be conceived within her womb. Wonder of wonders, He would reign over His father’s house and the house of Jacob (of all believers)—and His kingdom would never end. It would be eternal. Human reason cannot fathom or accept this announcement. It goes beyond laws of nature. It lies outside of the laws that govern creation and human life. But that is the point. Jesus was and always will be the Son of God, the eternal source of life, the Creator and Ruler of all things, visible and invisible. But that Creator, that Maker, that King of Kings and Lord of Lords would enter the womb of a woman and become a little, humble and lowly child. The Kingdom of God would be hidden to men’s eyes, but to the eyes of the humble ones, He would be seen and known as the Messiah. Mary’s lowliness came from knowing that she needed this Savior. She could not be righteous. Mary’s lowliness came from knowing that God had brought about this great deliverance through His mercy. God’s word of comfort to Mary is also of comfort to the lowly in faith who believe the Gospel: Nothing is impossible with God. (1:37)

Questions – Luke 1:26-38

  1. Where was Jesus conceived?
  2. Why was it important that Mary be a virgin?
  3. How was Jesus able to have the throne of David if he was not the natural son of Joseph?
  4. Why did Mary have to believe the incarnation by faith?
  5. Why is it not hard for us, as Christians, to believe that God could raise us from the dead?
Year of the Bible – Advent Week Three | Friday | Luke 1:26-38 – © John W. Fiene