Year of the Bible – John 18:1-21:25

Year of the Bible - Advent Week One - John 18



Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” At once they left their nets and followed him.

– Mark 1:17-18

Wednesday: John 18:1-21:25 (John 21:15-25)

The resurrected Jesus defied all the laws of nature—and He should. He had passed from this side of creation into the next. When Simon Peter decides to go back to a vocation he had before being called by Christ, Christ used the opportunity to teach Peter what his true vocation was—he was to become a fisher of men. What stood between Peter and his vocation was guilt. He had been compromised. He had betrayed Christ. Three times. So Jesus asked Peter if Peter loved him—not once, not twice. Three times. Each time, in response, Jesus told Peter what his calling was—to feed his sheep. What a Lord, what a merciful Lord! Our sins and weaknesses are not held against us, but used by Christ to make us stronger in our commitment and resolve to be faithful servants of Christ. John ends his Gospel by clearing up a rumor. It had been said that Jesus made a promise to John – that John would not die until Christ came again. But that had only been a misunderstanding from a conversation that John and Jesus had about Peter. John would die in time, it was only his testimony to Christ that would live on to the end of time.

John Questions:

  1. In what ways was Jesus the same as He was before his resurrection and in what ways was He different?
  2. Why might Peter think it was necessary to go back to fishing?
  3. What did Peter need to hear before he went on with the work of Christ?
  4. Do you think that Peter was a weaker or a stronger Christian as a result of Christ’s forgiveness?
  5.  What was the rumor that John cleared up at the end of his Gospel?
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