Year of the Bible – Psalm 143 – 149

Year of the Bible - Advent Week One



I will praise the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live. 

Psalm 146:2


Psalm 143-149 (149)

These psalms are a treasure house of precious worship-phrases employed by the many and various liturgies of the Christian Church. Psalms 141 to 143 hyperbolizes the urgent prayers of God’s people by characterizing them as “cries.” They reflect the desperation that David felt when he was in great peril. His cries are not unlike our own. They are the recurring prayers of the Church, constantly assailed, constantly in need of God’s grace.

Psalms 144-147 are psalms of praise. The praise of God is, in a sense, a proud description of God’s qualities, a confident boasting that is not self-centered but God-centered. As we read or sing these psalms, reflecting upon the qualities of God, since those qualities are for our benefit, we will find ourselves growing more confident in our praise of Him and in our life. To mediate and think about one event will always lead us to mediate and think about the other. So there is a crescendo of praise in the final psalms—as though they sense our final destiny as a new creation. They reach out and entreat all of creation to join in the praise of God—heaven, angels, sun and moon, shining stars, sea creatures, mountains, hills, wild animals, cattle, kings and nations—all are called upon to join in the magnification of God’s glory. Lest we think that this is a call for nature worship,

Psalm 149 takes us to the place where true worship is to be found: Sing to the Lord . . . in the assembly of the saints. (vs. 1) Proudly exuberant about God’s grace, we are reminded that God delights in the humble (vs. 4), words similar to the Magnificat, the song about the humble woman chosen to be the mother of our Lord and a model for the Church’s faith. Divine worship mysteriously praises God in his sanctuary on earth and, at the same time, in his mighty heaven.

Questions – Psalm 143-149

  1. How many times did/will Christ come into the world?      
  2. 2. Where is Christ to be found and where is He worshipped in the world today?
  3. 3. Why do the psalms include the rest of creation in their command to praise God
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