Year of The Bible – Psalms 141-147



Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence? Psalm 139:7

Psalms 141-147 (145)

These psalms are a treasure house of precious worship-phrases employed by the many and various liturgies of the Christian Church. Psalms 141 to 143 hyperbolize the urgent prayers of God’s people by characterizing them as “cries.” They reflect the desperation that David felt when he was in great peril. His cries are not unlike our own. They are the recurring prayers of the Church, constantly assailed, constantly in need of God’s grace. Psalms 144-147 are psalms of praise. The praise of God is, in a sense, a proud description of God’s qualities, a confident boasting that is not self-centered but God-centered. As we read or sing these psalms, reflecting upon the qualities of God, since those qualities are for our benefit, we will find ourselves growing more confident in Him and in our life.

Psalm 141 calls upon God to hear the prayers of the one who calls upon Him, asking God to help keep the speech of the mouth and the thoughts of the heart be righteous. So often, in times of persecution, God’s enemies are looking for Christians to make mistakes. They want to use their mistakes as an opportunity to destroy and harm, like the “snares” of hunters.

Psalm 142 is a prayer of complaint. The condition of the person being persecuted or harmed is laid at the foot of God – with the expectation that God will deliver and protect the one who cries to him in need.

Questions – Psalms 141-147

  1. Psalm 141 For what reason should we be asking God to keep us from making blunders and mistakes?
  2. 2. Psalm 142 Are we permitted to complain to God?
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