Year of the Bible – Daniel 6:1-8:27



I kept looking until the beast was slain and its body destroyed and thrown into the blazing fire. – Daniel 7:11

Daniel 6:1-8:27 (7:8-14)

The fact that God is the ruler of all kingdoms is made clear in the book of Daniel. His rule over the world takes place through kingdoms and men. He lifted kingdoms up and brought about their downfall. Although it appeared that men were in control, behind visual appearances was the Almighty hand of God accomplishing His purposes. In the midst of such intrigue, during the height of the Kingdom of Babylon, stood the servant of God, Daniel. Daniel had been exalted to one of the highest positions in the kingdom of Babylon. But according to Daniel’s own prediction, the kingdom of the Medes and Persians overtook Babylon and Daniel was raised to an even higher position.

With success, however, comes envy and rivalry. Daniel was a pious and God-fearing man. He prayed three times each day to God. His enemies sought to destroy him by using the law against him. They deceived the king as to their true intent (they wanted, out of jealously, to have Daniel killed). They asked that no man be permitted to pray to anyone or any god except the king himself. They attempted to use justice, the law, to accomplish injustice. (A sin of the 9th and 10th Commandments.) The laws of the Medes and Persians were absolute. They could not be revoked, not even by the king. For his prayers to God, Daniel was thrown to the lions, but God’s angel saved him from the lion’s jaws and he passed through his death-sentence into life the next morning. Thereafter the king visited Daniel’s enemies with the same punishment that they had intended for Daniel.

Daniel’s success not only symbolizes the blessings that God will give to His faithful children; it is also a messianic symbol of the victory that Christ has won for us. By means of the righteous law that the devil uses against us, accusing us for sin and driving us to fear God’s wrath and punishment. But when Christ came, like Daniel, He was guiltless under the law. When brought to death Christ passed through death. He rose victoriously over sin, death and the devil. These “enemies” of our God have now been destroyed. The war with sin and evil has always had a similar pattern. The evil intrigues of evil men against the righteous children of God return to them, while God’s children are redeemed and saved “the next morning” to the glory of God.

Daniel Questions – Daniel 6
  1. What does the book of Daniel tell us about God’s relationship to the events taking place in the world today?
  2. What was the Kingdom that conquered Babylon?
  3. What was unique about Persian-Mede law?
  4. What commandments prevent us from using legal means to accomplish immoral ends?
  5. In what way was Daniel’s experience similar to Christ’s crucifixion, death and resurrection?
  6. How is Daniel’s experience symbolic of the Christian life?
© John W. Fiene | Artwork by Brian McFarland